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Escalator/Moving Walkway

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Escalator-Moving Walkway

Basic Functions

Handrail inlet

Novel, chic, elegant, tension and modern streamlined handrail design with the entrance and exit, giving the escalator with spirituality and affinity, more beautiful,highlighting the noble and style of the matching building.

Automatic oiling

PLC controlled automatic oiling lubrication system realizes the ideal automatic lubrication for the transmission chain during the operation of the transmission chain during the operation of the workload, but also prolongs the service life of the workload, but also prolongs the service life of the

Step chain-rollerinbuilt

Roller built-in specially designed roller cascade chain,can effectively reduce the noise of the drive running,making the operation more stable and quiet.

Fault display

When a fault occurs, the fault code will be displayed on the fault screen, to ensure that the fault location is effectively and accurately determined in the shortest time, greatly improving the maintenance efficiency.

Demarcation lamp

The green fluorescent lamp is installed under the mouth and the lower step pedals.When the two connected steps run staggered, the green fluorescent light will shine from the teeth of the steps to help passengers identify the steps in and out of the horizontal section, and improve the safety of taking the steps.

Option Functions

Running direction indication

The running direction and no-go display signs are placed at the handrail belt entrance and exit to clearly indicate the running or no-go to ensure the safe and comfortable ride of passengers.

Automatic start/stop

Infrared sensors located near the floor boards detect passengers entering the floor boards and automatically start running, stopping when all passengers have left to save energy. There are scanning sensors and traditional guide bar options.

Inclined handrail

Choice of glass wainscoting colors.

            Bronz                              Yellow                               Grey

Handrail color

Handrail colors available.

             Red            Light Greenish Blue          Blue                 Light Brown              Grey

Skirt panelilumination

The streamlined apron board iluminates the light along the running track of the steps, which not only maintains the beauty and elegance of the light beam, but also emphasizes the visibility of the escalators throughout the building and makes the ride more comfortable and safe for passengers.

WVF variable frequency energy-saving system

After choosing the frequency converter, it can effectively reduce the energy consumption, usually saving 60% energy in the occasion of sparse flow, and can effectively reduce the peak current 80%. When unloaded, escalators operate at a low speed and resume normal speed when passengers are detected approaching.

Handrail ilumination

Handrail lighting is installed in the handrail bracket, and the soft light adds some aura to the running escalator.

Inclined handrail

Stainless steel enclosed inclined handrail escalator, suitable for large traffic, heavy load, used for public transport places. It can maximize the expansion of ladder space and improve the effective safety factor when the number of people is large.


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